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Checklist For Starting A Hair Business

Are You Wanting To Launch Your Own Hair Company ? 
Check Out These Amazing Steps Into Getting Ready To Start And Launch Your Hair Company.


Step 1 : What Kind Of Hair Do You Want To Sell ?


What Kind Of Hair Are You Interested In Selling ? Do You Want To Sell Virgin Hair Or Raw Hair ? 

Step 2 : A Business Name And/Or Slogan ? 
As you know starting a hair business, or any business, you would need to figure out a business name. What do you want your business to be called? Would your business name and slogan stand out ? Please do not have a long business name keep it simple, short, and unique. Also You would need to make a logo that will stand out but not too much, in the future you may want to have shirts or silk bonnets and need to print your logo out and it doesn’t look right because it is a lot going on in your logo. Make sure you think about the present and the future with making changes to your brand. 

Step 3 : Choosing A Reliable Vendor 

This will be the most important step in owning a hair business is having the right vendor. It can be difficult and time consuming and alot of people label themselves as ‘Hair Factories’. You will have to do alot of research and testing the hair (we will have a blog soon on how to test out hair.) As we are living in a world with scams i highly recommend using paypal with first and second time purchases with a vendor of your choice. Make sure you ask the vendor relavent questions :

What Is Your Wholesale Pricing ?

Do You Offer Sample Orders ?

How Long Have You Been In Business ?

How Long Is Shipping ? 
How Do You Receive Payments ? 

Communication Is Key Your Vendor Should Almost Feel Like Your Friend. 

Step 4 : Good Logistics Service

When you finally get your first order how are you going to ship their products to them ? Fedex, Ups, Usps, Dhl, Etc. 
When Choosing logistics companies, you should consider shipping price, delivery time and if damage will happen to your orders. 

Step 5 : An Online Store 

This is like the icing on your hair business. An online website. People can trust you more because you have a website and its more professional instead of using your Dms on instagram or facebook. AND a online website can help you make money while you are sleep instead of money being held off in your dms when customers have questions and pricing questions when you are sleep. 

I Suggest As A Newbie To Use it is easy to create, easy to manage, and it is very beginner friendly. 
I also love it has alot of great features and its more hands on but it is worth it. 

I Hope These Tips Were Helpful And I Hope You Will Have A Very Successful Business.